Basketball’s back! FINALLY.

Thoughts on last night’s preseason game in Vancouver:

– Clearly, there is some rust but I liked the effort put forth by the Raps. A few of the guys were trying too hard to make things happen (Bargnani, Weems, DeRozan who, admittedly, found his groove in the second half of the game) but I liked the intensity…even for a preseason game.

– The boo birds were out in full force for Turk’s return to Canadian soil. “Booooooooooooooooooooo!” rained down from the crowd every single time he touched the ball…but clearly there were many Suns’ fans in attendance as cheers would go up when he scored. When the Suns are in Toronto next week, it’s going to be interesting. And loud. And probably mean. And that’s just the crowd.

–  Oh, c’mon refs. THREE ejections in a preseason game, one of which belonging to Grant Hill? Gimme a break. Grant Hill and Reggie Evans were joking around. Butt-slapping, for god’s sake. This deserves technical fouls?  Take a deep breath.

–  Speaking of Reggie Evans, I’m going to be calling him Leonidas this season:


– Was very happy to see Kleiza playing with a great attitude, getting after the ball, making some great shots. I was pretty excited when they picked him up in the off-season. I think he can do really good things for this club. Like…y’know…rebound.

– My personal plea to Amir Johnson: dude. Those stupid fouls? You have GOT to learn to avoid them! You are far too valuable to this club, creating your own shots and grabbing all sorts of rebounds, to have three quick, avoidable fouls in the first half.

– Oh, Jack “Gonzo” Armstrong. How I’ve missed you and your pedantic ways. I see you’ve brought along your soapbox for the season: good on ya.

– I’m intrigued by the battle for point guard. Jack is by FAR the better defender; Calderon is great at running the team, especially with the young guys. Calderon started this game; wouldn’t be surprised if Jack started the next. Triano isn’t going to make any decisions yet (Evans is the starting centre? Probably not on game day.), so it will be interesting to see what kind of line up combinations are used over the next handful of games.

Am loving the spin for this year: all about chemistry. So what if we don’t have a 20-10 guy anymore? We *like* each other! While I totally agree that on-court chemistry is essential to a winning team, someone is going to have to step up and be a leader. I nominate…The Raptor.

– My hope is that the Raptors will be likened to the Oklahoma City Thunder: a great, young team with talent and chemistry. Whether or not this will happen is unknown at this point – and the pessimist in me says, “You’re kidding, right?” – but I have to hope that they’re on that path. Maybe they can be a surprising young team that’s the feel-good story of the year. Or they could be a complete disaster. Either way, I’ll be watching.


~ by foodNURD on October 7, 2010.

One Response to “Basketball’s back! FINALLY.”

  1. As far as the ridiculous ejecections on Evans and Hill go I am in total agreement. I mean lets be honest it’s a pre-season game the players are’nt taking it quite as seriously as a regular season game, it’s about getting into game shape and having a little bit of fun before things start getting serious. I beleive that this season the ref’s are really going after guys (anti complaining rule “lame”) which is a shame as this just serves to slow down the game and what good does that do except to pull out the players that fans pay good money to see. P.S I second your nomination for the Raptor for team leader!

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