First-Time Foods

Everyone has those memories, those first experiences with their most-loved or most-hated foods that date back to childhood but can occur as recently as yesterday. For me, my strongest first-time food experiences (in a positive sense!) are my dad’s awesome macaroni & cheese; the pearl onions that my grandmother always included in her roast; my mom’s meatballs; my mother-in-law’s garnachos and my husband’s absurdly delicious cornbread.* Each of these foods brings with them a wealth of memory and associated emotion. Anytime I have a good mac & cheese, I’m back at my parents’ dinner table.  The same goes for negatively-associated foods (like olives. EW. Though, I must admit that I don’t remember my first olive). I remember my babysitter trying to get me to eat cottage cheese when I was two or three. Yeeeeeeah, that was not happening. In fact, it’s still not.  Lumpy foods are gross. I can’t get near tapioca pudding and have enjoyed rice pudding ONCE in my life.

So what are your favourite – or most traumatic – first-time foods? Have your tastes changed? Do you love foods that you used to loathe or vice versa?

*OK. I’d had cornbread before, but his is by far the best I’ve ever had.


~ by foodNURD on July 20, 2010.

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