Seriously, Turk?

F*ck you.

It annoys the crap out of me that I have to give up my Turkoglu bobblehead, but it’s GOT to go. I can’t have it anymore, not after his spectacularly whiny, immature comments to the Turkish media.

It pains me not only that he made those comments, but specifically because I was expecting a LOT more from him next year. I spent the entire regular season supporting Turk, shrugging off lacklustre play, attributing it to exhaustion from playing so much the previous year. This guys is a proven talent, a clutch shooter who WILL take the last shot of the game. He should have been the player to complement Bosh’s abilities.

Alas, not so much. He had no bounce in his legs, shot poorly, aggravated his teammates, coaches, management and, as he discovered, the fans. Raptors’ fans WILL boo the home team (my thoughts on which can be found here) when they feel the player(s) is not living up to potential. Well, after signing a $53 million dollar contract in the off season, fans felt that Turk wasn’t pulling his weight and they let him know. Just like in most other arenas, in most other sports, in most other cities around the world. Apparently, Turk couldn’t handle it. What a baby.

Clearly, he was here for the money and the money only. Word to the wise: if you’re going to be a mercenary, you’d better show up with your skills or your team will have no use for you. Further, when special concessions are made for you and you alone, man up, shut up and put up. I’m sure Colangelo will be able to ship him off as he does possess some great skills, as evidenced by most of the 2008-2009 season and a handful of games here in Toronto.  At least when Turk returns with his new team to the ACC, he’ll be used to the incessant booing from the Raptor faithful.


~ by foodNURD on June 2, 2010.

5 Responses to “Seriously, Turk?”

  1. I’ll take the bobble head if you’re feeling charitable

  2. I think you may be being a bit harsh on poor Turk. All he did was sign a massive 53 million dollar contract, come to traing camp out of shape, not play in any pre season games or have to take part in training camp (granted that this was management’s decision) He was a non factor in most of the games he played and one of the few times he was (against the Knicks no less) gave a nonsensical response to a post game question, complained about the offensive schemes the coach was running and that he was not being utilized. To cap off the end of a long disapointing season he misses a game with the flu and then goes off to a club to party. Oh wait a minute, you were right FUCK YOU TURKOGLU!!! BALL INDEED!

  3. Shame on you, he is a good player. We must give to him only freedom. He will play very well this year.

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