A FOUL? On ME? That’s unpossible!

Did anyone else watch the Orlando/Boston game last night? Did you see Kendrick Perkins storm away from the ref when he was called for a foul? It should be noted that he *already* had a technical foul under his belt and so should’ve been behaving himself. But he got called for a foul and stormed away, huffing and puffing about how unfair life is. For that, he got his second technical and was thus ejected from the game.  He’s now up to seven techs which, assuming the last one stands after league review, means he will be suspended for one game. Way to screw your team, Kendrick.  They need you to defend Dwight “All Elbows” Howard so that the rest of the team can defend the three-point shooters. But your inability to keep your head could cost your team big. Trip to the finals, big.

As a Raptors’ fan, I admire the Celtics for one reason and one reason only: their toughness. But someone needs to get these guys in check. With Rasheed Wallace, Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins on one team, it’s amazing there hasn’t been a brawl, Malice at the Palace-stylez. These guys seem pretty convinced that they’ve never fouled anyone – unless circumstances permit – and the faces they pull when called are just spectacular, no matter what team they’re on:

Passion is one thing; petulance and self-entitlement are quite another.  Sometimes the refs make mistakes, as well all know. They’re human, but their job is to go out there and keep things professional. (It should be noted that NBA games are remarkably more civilized than they were 20 years ago. Stern has neutered the league, for better or worse.) Athletes are passionate people bent on winning and that can cloud their judgment.  But gimme a break, Celtics.  You’re doing more harm than good.


~ by foodNURD on May 27, 2010.

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