Liar, liar!

Klosterman, Round 3:

Your best friend is taking a nap on the floor of your living room. Suddenly, you are faced with a bizarre existential problem: This friend is going to die unless you kick them (as hard as you can) in the rib cage. If you don’t kick them while they slumber, they will never wake up. However, you can never explain this to your friend; if you later inform them that you did this to save their life, they will also die from that. So you have to kick a sleeping friend in the ribs, and you can’t tell them why.

Since you cannot tell your friend the truth, what excuse will you fabricate to explain this (seemingly inexplicable) attack?


~ by foodNURD on May 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Liar, liar!”

  1. I was dead at the time. I was on the moon…with Steve.

  2. No excuse. I’d do it and just say I felt like it. Truth is, I would probably do it even if it wasn’t a life or death situation. I’m a bit of an ass like that. *g*

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