To read Harry Potter or not to read Harry Potter?

My friend and I have cut a deal: if I read the Harry Potter series, she will watch the Pixar movies. (nb: I think it’s a cinema-related travesty that she hasn’t seen ANY of them. Toy Story? Wall-E? The Incredibles? Up? Classics.) We are at a thorough and complete stalemate. I really don’t want to read these books. I don’t know if I’m just being stubborn and resisting the pop culture phenomenon (I have a history of doing this) or if I genuinely don’t want to read them. They hold very little interest for me; however, this same friend also recommended the His Dark Materials trilogy and I absolutely LOVED it. Many of my friends and family have read the entire series cover to cover and really enjoyed it.

Should I commit myself to reading these books?


~ by foodNURD on May 10, 2010.

13 Responses to “To read Harry Potter or not to read Harry Potter?”

  1. I think you know *my* answer to this question!


  3. Run. Run far and run fast! No! Don’t look back! Just run!

  4. I’ll be nice… PLEASE pretty pretty pretty please read the books. I have read them over and over and every time they are more amazing. It’s not just a ‘pop culture phenomenon’, it really is amazing literature!
    Have I convinced you yet? Because I have a LOT of pro-HP arguments…

    • A friend of mine said pretty much the same thing: that they’re fantastic and she’s happily read them multiple times. I…I just don’t know. Typically, not my kind of story; but, when I see that 8 zillion people have read the entire series several times, it makes me wonder if I’m missing out.

  5. You certainly are missing out! On a great story, new friends [I’m weird… Books become my friends] and an amazing experience!!

  6. I think you should do whatever you want stubborn lady 😉

    Melly, Mom and I read them all. I won’t say that they are all amazing (meh about the last one) but I would say that they are a good read. Hard to put down, but not challenging on the brain. I’m being honest (though I may have offended some of the die-hard fans out there). XOXO

  7. I had the same feeling about the Twilight series. I was simply NOT going to read them “just” because they were best sellers and everyone was raving. I ended up breaking down and reading the series anyway. Is my life better for it? Probably not, but I can argue for my position against the series better now because I did read them! I think reading HP won’t change your life and I certainly liked some of the books more than others. I DO think it is a better series than others (like Fablehaven for instance). I also think it is a good time to read them because you don’t have to wait for the release of the next in the series. For me too much time elapsed between books and it lost some of the appeal.

  8. The Harry Potter series in a good one in my opinion. Its written well and if you hold it up to twilight, well twilight would just burn. 😉

  9. […] lap earlier this week via book trade with a coworker. I was hesitant at first as I always am with huge cultural phenomena and tend to avoid anything that resembles chick lit. (My few forays into the genre irritated the […]

  10. I somehow neglected to comment on this. When the first HP came out, I was living with a 7-year old girl and her Mom. We would read aloud to her at bedtime as often as possible. The night we started reading book one, we read her maybe 2 chapters, and then she went to bed, and I snagged the book and stayed up to finish reading it. It was that compelling. Ignore Petar (who doesn’t read them out of spite) and try them out. At least the first one. If you don’t like it, you can say you tried. Just like brussel sprouts. 😉

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