Every team needs a Steve Nash.

Steve Nash is one of the greatest Canadian athletes. Ever. He is preternaturally skilled at basketball and, from what I understand, is a great soccer player, too. He is an excellent leader, does his best to get his teammates involved and by all accounts is just a great guy. He keeps himself in ridiculously good shape – and he needs to, since he’s 37 and has a very bad back. When he’s not on the court, he can usually seen lying on the floor in front of the bench, dressed in his warm-ups, doing whatever it takes to stay limber and ready for his team.

And how tough is Steve Nash? In 2007, he took a nasty shot in the face resulting in….this:

Did Nash sit down for the rest of the game? Whine about his injuries? Oh, hell no. He changed jerseys as per the league’s rules and kept on playing.

Last night, in game four of the semi-finals, he took an inadvertent elbow from Tim Duncan (Timmeh!) that caused his eye to swell shut almost completely (warning – it ain’t pretty):

Yet even with HIS EYE SWOLLEN SHUT, he continued to play and in no average manner. He contributed heavily, dishing sick passes and scoring at will…with one eye. ONE EYE, people. I guarantee that 80% of NBA players would not be back out on the court. The great players play through injuries, contributing to their team. (See: Kobe, LeBron, Ginobili) Everyone else sits on the bench and whines. Of course, there is a line. You don’t want to make a bad injury worse. But we’ve seen a number of players go down with facial injuries…and stay down. (Bosh? Turk? I’m lookin’ at you.)

Nash represents all that is great about sports: he’s an amazing athlete who cares not only about winning, but winning in the most fun, team-first way. He gives back to both his American and Canadian communities. He’s won back-to-back MVP awards, both of which he richly deserved. Ultimately, though, he plays hard every possession and rallies his team around him. Wannabe leaders and leaders-in-training take note: THIS is the guy you should emulate.

NB: I’m a huge Spurs fan, so I was *super* bummed that they went out in four games this series. But how can I not root for Nash??


~ by foodNURD on May 10, 2010.

3 Responses to “Every team needs a Steve Nash.”

  1. Did you know he has a Twitter account?


  2. I heart him thoroughly.

  3. While I’m not a huge tv sports fan, I do so love watching Nash play. Reminds me of when I played sports as a kid and was always encouraged to walk-it-off (too much of a Tom-boy?) and did so to get back in the game whatever game it was at the time) just to make sure that we were playing as a team and doing the best we could to have fun. Nash is a hero.

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