Bring on the Klosterman!

Question 2:

You work in an office. Generally, you are popular with your coworkers. However, you discover that there are currently two rumors circulating the office gossip mill, and both involve you. The first rumor is that you got drunk at the office holiday party and had sex with one of your married coworkers. This rumor is completely true, but most people don’t believe it. The second rumor is that you have been stealing hundreds of dollars of office supplies (and then selling them to cover a gambling debt). This rumor is completely false, but virtually everyone assumes it is factual.

Which of these two rumors is most troubling to you?


~ by foodNURD on April 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Bring on the Klosterman!”

  1. The wrong one. If I do something and people start talking about it…well I did it. And people talk. That’s life. If I didn’t do something but people believe I did and judge me on that misinformation…well fuck that. I may be a whore, but I’m not a theif! Get the facts straight. If you want to think ill of me because I slept with a married woman…well fine. I did it. You know about it. Judge away! If I didn’t do it on the other hand, I will correct you right fucking quick and if you don’t believe me, suck it!

    But that’s me. *g*

  2. i agree with petar but with less expletives.

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