24 Trauma

Spoilery entry, so if you’re not up to date with the show, please come back and read this later.

Oh, maaaaaaaaaaaaan. Poor Renee. I knew it was coming. I just knew it. I was far too attached to her and, as we all know, Jack is not allowed to have a fulfilled persona
l life. His first wife was shot by a traitor, his next girlfriend is in a vegetative state and now Renee, shot down after her first happy moments in years. Freaking figures.  I won’t lie: this last episode absolutely made me cry. A lot.

Below is my list of the top 10 most traumatic and/or shocking events on 24:

1. The 20 minutes it took to kill Chappelle. (season three)
The back-and-forth between Chappelle and Jack in the train yard was heart-wrenching. Following true 24 form, the biggest pain in Jack’s ass ends up dying. This happens every season, but Chappelle’s heroism, selflessness and fear made it my Most Traumatic Moment.

2. Jack finding Teri, dead, in the final moments of season one.
‘Nuff said.

3. Renee’s death (season eight)
That one really, really hurt. WHY CAN’T HE BE HAPPY?? I’m starting to think Kiefer is taking his work too seriously. It might explain why he’s always out getting hammered and stripping down (http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/people/keifer-sutherland-goes-bananas-in-strip-club-20100419-sne5.html).

4. Edgar’s death by nerve gas. (season 5)
Poor Edgar. Not only was it sad to watch, but Chloe’s reaction was what really pushed this over the edge from sad to “Beaches” territory.  The ever-flustered and sarcastic (and awesome) Chloe was heartbreaking and made this moment count.

5. President Palmer and Michelle Dessler die. (season four)
On the same day. During the opening credits. Of the first episode.

6. Nina’s the freaking mole! (season one)
Oh, yeah. It’s always the last one you would suspect. Except, of course, if you’ve seen 24 before and you know to *always* expect a mole kickin’ around the worst-protected security agency in the history of television.

7.Wait…Gael ISN’T the mole? (season  three)
Well, he *was* a mole, but for the good guys! Ladies and gentlemen, what happens to bad-guys-turned-good? Oh, they so die. Gael’s death was painful (and kinda gross), making his martyrdom particularly traumatic.
7a. 95% of the guests of the hotel dying from that virus.
The line of people waiting for their suicide pills? The elderly couple, the family with kids, the lone businessmen….it goes on. Way to tug on the heart strings, producers.

8. Jack shoots Curtis in the neck. (season six)
The HELL? I didnae enjoy that. Curtis was great – which, I assume, is why he had to die.

9. Mason taking one for the team, in a most nuclear explosion-y way. (season two)
Similar to Chappelle in season 3, Mason knows that he must sacrifice himself for the good of…the planet. Note to self: do not become the head of CTU. Things do NOT work out well.

10. President Hassan’s death. (season eight)
Thought I saw it coming. Turning yourself  over to terrorists generally doesn’t work out well, especially when said terrorists are quite determined to make you pay for your “crimes” via behead-age. Jack and Renee were *thisclose* to stopping them…or not. The image of Hassan’s head leaning back and throat slit will stay with me for a while. A classic example of the quiet, effective moment 24 has perfected.

What do you think, folks? Have I missed any traumatic moments? There are many, many other 24 moments that deserve discussion and when the series wraps up, we’ll discuss. Enjoy the last few hours, my friends, for they could be anyone’s last!


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