Oh, MAAAAAN. *angry stomp* (Part One)

The Raptors are out of the playoffs. Again. It was their own fault: they lost a game they needed to win, thereby giving the Bulls the ability to sneak into 8th and final playoff spot. So even though we won last night, it was for naught.


What happened to this season? Before the all-star break, we were cruising along at a 60%+ winning percentage, beating the NBA elite. Players were happy, nicknames were generated (anyone remember the “young guns” thing?) and the media was falling over itself to sing the praises of Bosh, Jack and the GM, Colangelo. Then, Dallas Madness week hit, the guys had a little time off and they came back…apathetic? Arrogant? Both?

Injuries took out Calderon and Bosh, but you can hardly complain about Toronto’s injuries when you look at a team like Portland or Chicago. Turkoglu did not have the year everyone expected he would and, once again, the Raps were unable to be convinced that winning is predicated on defense.

Ah, yes. Defense. We’ve had issues with it for years. Is it a coaching issue? Is it a player issue? Are they really that lazy? Do they *really* think that scoring is enough? If so, they should speak to Mike D’Antoni and the Suns. Two 50+ win seasons and then flame out in the playoffs.  On the flip side, maybe a sit down with Greg Popovich or Larry Brown or Phil Jackson. These guys have tasted success and they did it by insisting their players play BOTH ends of the floor.

I’ve heard rumors that someone got in Bosh’s ear about shutting it down for the last half of the season. This…makes no sense. He wants max money on a winning team and it would be significantly harder to get that if he played poorly or with no effort. Having said that, there were games when he did seem to be in another head space: committing turnovers, barely rebounding, taking more jump shots than he should and just looking like he’d rather be anywhere else. Granted, only being in the playoffs twice in seven years hurts. But he’s the leader and if he isn’t playing with effort, no one else will, either.

I can’t quite organize my thoughts on this. This will, no doubt, be an on-going topic over the next few weeks: dissecting the Raptors’ season. What went wrong, what went right? In the meantime, I fully intend to enjoy the playoffs and will be rooting for everyone but Cleveland and Miami.


~ by foodNURD on April 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “Oh, MAAAAAN. *angry stomp* (Part One)”

  1. CB turned his ankle in the game against Memphis after the Allstar game which he said hampered the rest of his season. His numbers supported that claim. Regardless the Raps won’t win as long it stays with this group as constituted. Apparently it was noted that there was a “euro” faction vs. an American one dividing the room. Don’t know, don’t really care. In fact it probably was better to finish out of the playoffs and garner the 12th pick with a 0.6 chance to pick 1st than getting beat like a red-headed step kid on a rented mule in four by the Cavs. To expand my point there were some hall of fame players to never win it all because of a certain #23. “Hi, I’m Carl Malone!”or “Anything else is uncivilized.” Barkley and so on. Until we get a guy who can bring the ball up the floor and create his own shot at the 1-2-3 spot WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE. It would have been nice to draft some guy named Brandon Roy instead of “Il Mago”. The Ill part is right. III equipped. But hindsight, blah blah blah. The road goes through whatever team #23 or #24 plays on. Until we draft or obtain a player(s) of that ilk there can be only one logical conclusion bitches ,PEACE OUT!!!!! (mic dropped ala Dave Chapelle)

  2. Injuries are unfortunate, but there is no way a sore ankle meant that he had to just stand around and look dejected. That’s a load of crap.

    As for turmoil in the locker room…really? Like European players are aliens or something? I don’t know if it’s better to finish out of the playoffs as, historically, the number 12 pick is pretty fruitless (Melvin Ely, Vlade Radmanovich, Austin Croshere, Cherokee Parks…right. Awesome.) and just to say that we DID make it this year.

    As for the number 1 pick we had, Colangelo picked the player to fill the spot that needed to be filled immediately. I agree that we need more solid point guard play, but centres are difficult to come by – they seem to flame out the fastest with injuries or poor performance – and guards are more easy to come by. I think Bargnani is better than people think but he is too inconsistent. In fact, I’d say that’s the trouble with the Raps in general.

    And don’t get me started on Karl Malone. He and Stockton were ROBBED.

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