One of Chuck Klosterman’s 23 Questions

I love the book “Sex, Drugs & Cocoa Puffs.” I read it a while ago and have been talking about it ever since.  Klosterman’s theories are really interesting, though I don’t agree with all of them. There is a section titled “The 23 Questions I Ask Everybody I Meet In Order to Decide If I Can Really Love Them.” Some answers came to me easily; others I had to ponder.

Today’s question:

You are sitting in an empty bar (in a town you’ve never before visited), drinking Bacardi with a soft-spoken acquaintance you barely know. After an hour, a third individual walks into the tavern and sits by himself, and you ask your acquaintance who the new man is. “Be careful of that guy,” you are told. “He is a man with a past.” A few minutes later, a fourth person enters the bar; he also sits alone. You ask your acquaintance who this new individual is. “Be careful of that guy, too,” he says. “He is a man with no past.”

Which of these two people do you trust less?

I’m going with the man with no past. I have a past, and I’m reasonably well-adjusted. But no past? That’s iffy. What do you good folks think?


~ by foodNURD on April 9, 2010.

6 Responses to “One of Chuck Klosterman’s 23 Questions”

  1. Agreed everyone has a past whether or not they want to admit it and someone claiming to have no past is very shifty.

  2. I’m all for embracing my past! It’s what makes you what you are now.

  3. The man with no past. At least with the guy “with a past” all the cards are on the table. People with no past are either running from something worse than what haunts the guy with the past or are in witness protection. Either way, that’s not something you want to get involved with. And for all you know, the guy with the past has a past juggling baby geese. (Goslings!) Which is, you’ll admit, pretty awesome.

  4. Since working with the public I’ve held the philoshophy that when dealing with unknowns, beware of the quiet one. He/she is potentially sizing you up. As long as the one in front of you is talking you can ascertain some type of info from them. This is only a guideline but it’s been quite useful and kept me safe.

  5. Man with no past is creepy. Sex, Drugs & Cocoa Puffs is great. Makes me want to get my copy back off whoever has it and re-read the questions.

  6. I wouldn’t trust the soft-spoken acquaintance I bare know. How do I know if the other 2 guys have a past or no past unless I find out for myself?

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